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Tom is a political and spiritual artist that is originally from Italy, and studied the Old Masters' techniques. He has and continues to live in various countries, and considers home wherever he finds like-minded people. He believes he is not his label but a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

He is a strong supporter of people's inherent rights to freedom and equality, and with his work, he wants to raise awareness of the brainwashing propaganda we are subjected to for our exploitation, servitude, and division. His strong interest in health and well being, the mind-body-soul energetic connection, prompted him to become a holistic nutritionist. He has incorporated this knowledge into his work in order to provide information on the many dangers in the dumbing down foods and water we have been provided with, as well as the toxic environment in which we live.

​He believes that, in light of recent political and social events, humanity is now in grave danger, one from which it may not be able to recover unless we put aside our differences and unite.

Finally, he wishes to push the boundaries of what humanity is capable of achieving if in an awakened state (not woke), free of fear, and to go beyond what it perceives to be its reality, which he believes is a created delusion designed to keep us ignorant, compliant, and obedient. Our life on Earth does not have to be one of pain and suffering; it can instead be one of great joy and love.

His work has been described as provocative, educational, and critical of the official narratives in politics, healthcare, and the mainstream media.


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