Dear viewer,  

With my artwork, I have presented counter-arguments to what we have been led to believe in the hope of raising questions in your mind, prompting you to conduct your own research and reach your own conclusions. 

Rather than taking things for granted, I encourage people to think outside the box, no matter how shocking or controversial something may be suggested, or how uncomfortable it may be.

Whatever your position on the Covid-19 crisis, one undeniable argument has emerged during these trying times: government overreach. We have witnessed their heavy-handed actions against their own people in most parts of the world, and they have severely limited our freedom and rights.

This cannot be tolerated in a free society, or else we risk falling into the evil hands of a totalitarian regime, as has happened numerous times throughout history. Our freedom and rights are not negotiable under any circumstance. Our forefathers fought and died bravely for them; let us ensure that they did no do so in vain.



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