Who made Bill Gates Dr. Gates and an expert on Covid-19? 

Why are governments giving large monetary incentives to hospitals for an admission that is reported as a Covid-19 infection?

They told us that the elderly were most at risk and had to be especially taken care of. How did they end up then, counting for most of the Covid-19 fatalities?

Why was it necessary to shut down the global economies and impose strict measure when the great majority of the population would only suffer none to mild flu like symptoms? 

Why was/is the police allowed to be heavy handed on people whose crime is something as trivial as not wearing a mask properly, while it did not intervene during violent and destructive protests where hardly any of the protesters were wearing masks or held social distancing? 

Who came up with and what is the scientific evidence behind a 6’ social distancing rule? 

Where is the scientific evidence backing the benefit of wearing a mask?

Why have hospital Covid-19 admissions been greatly misrepresented, inflated and exaggerated?

Why are we not seeing mainstream media coverage of hospitals overflowing with Covid-19 patients?

Where are the mainstream media interviews of exhausted doctors and nurses working around the clock saving lives?

Why implement draconian measures for Corona-19 when globally, WHO estimates the flu kills as many as 290,000 to 650,000 people every year?

Why so much focus on a Covid-19 vaccine, when even the higher number of casualties from a flu, pales in comparison to the yearly 17+ million deaths from cardiovascular diseases or the 9+ million cancer casualties? Perhaps the trillions of dollars that are flowing into Covid-19 research, would be better spent on much deadlier illnesses and the production of healthier foods. Health promoting foods that will make our immune system stronger and reduce our risk for degenerative diseases.

Also, let us not lose sight of the fact that due to the extreme measures that have been implemented on a global scale, many trillions of dollars have been lost due to the slowdown of economies and loss of jobs.

Why is it that in countries like Sweden that didn’t have a lockdown, a mask and social distancing mandate, the number of infections were as per the average of many other countries?

Why such a strong push to inflate the numbers with false death certificates? Even deaths caused by traffic accidents have been caught being attributed to Covid-19. 

Why is it that the many protests of Antifa and BLF where social distancing was certainly not practiced, did not contribute to an increase of infections whereas, a big jump was recorded in areas where people simply went to the beach? 

Why is it that the Zika virus made sensationalistic headlines during the 2016 Brazil Olympic games, and totally vanished from the news right after this global event ended?

Why were such strict measures taken this time around with Covid-19, and none with previous and far more serious viruses like H1N1?



How can an alleged virus from a place as far away as Wuhan infect within a few months so many celebrities while bypassing the great majority of the people?

This is a PR stunt to give credibility to a false narrative with a hidden agenda. 

Many high profile personalities like Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, Harvey Weinstein, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Chris Cuomo, Placido Domingo, Antonio Banderas, Rand Paul, Angela Merkel, Drake, Tom Hanks, Andy Cohen, Idris Elba and even President Trump, are claimed to have been infected with Covid-19. Most had mild flu like symptoms and quickly recovered as did Donald Trump, in spite of being above the age of 60. This would therefore shatter the notion we are faced with a deadly virus sweeping the world and the justification for the harsh measures.