- Covid19: the virus. The corona virus has been around for decades and falls under the viral category of the common cold. 

- Wikipedia: Coronaviruses are a group of related RNA viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. Its name was first used in print in 1968 by an informal group of virologists in the journal "Nature" to designate the new family of viruses.

- The symptoms of Covid-19 range from none (asymptomatic) to mild, flu-like symptoms and are for the most part a runny nose, coughing, a sore throat and sometimes a fever. According to WebMD in most cases you will not know whether you have Covid-19 or a different cold causing virus.

- A virus of the corona family is one of many hundreds of viruses our bodies are exposed to every year. However, the visuals we have been provided with by the mainstream media are nothing but normal; pictures of people dropping dead on the streets, long convoys of trucks carrying the many questionable Covid-19 fatalities, and hospitals overrun by infected people. 

- The millions of Covid-19 deaths predicted by Dr. Anthony Fauci (director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) never materialized; the draconian measures did.

- Wuhan, the supposed birthplace of Covid-19 is no longer in the news. it seems to have miraculously been able to rid itself of this deadly virus while the Western world, is seeing record high cases of infections and continuing crippling lockdowns. 

- Amazon has pulled anti vaccine films but sells books on the worskip of satanism.

- People becoming seriously ill and dying from this alleged deadly virus seem to be especially prevalent in the major cities that have introduced the harmful 5G grid. Perhaps Covid-19 is being used as a cover up for the implementation of 5G; the symptoms can certainly mimic them.

- Pfizer, one of the big pharma manufacturing a Covid-19 vaccine, has been fined almost 5 billion dollars for violations since 2000. 

- Pfizer former Chief Science Dr. Mike Yeadon has said that the second Covid-19 wave we are now experiencing has been faked. He has also stated that there is no need to take a vaccine since the mortality rate is so low.

- Pfizer has in its past, been fined billions for illegal marketing and bribing government officials.

Its former vice president Patrizia Cavazzoni covered up for a Pfizer product linked to birth defects.

- There has been numerous reports of secret Covid-19 isolation camps being set up close to major cities. Perhaps to put away “uncooperative” citizens and possibly those that will refuse being injected with a vaccine. Fear and isolation are part of the social engineering strategy to dominate and control the masses.

- Technocrats have taken over the practice of medicine and is using pseudo science in the pursuit of their political agenda; global socialism. We are now experiencing a Technocratic "coup d’e’tat" for Transhumanism which will provide continuous tracking and internal monitoring.





- Contrary to what the mainstream media is telling us, hospitals are almost empty and are not overrun with casualties.

- Tedros Adhanom (Director General of the World Health Organization) has stated "Covid-19 is once in a century health crisis that will end in two years, unless there is a vaccine. But even then, things will not go back to the way things were." He is referring to the “Great Reset” of the Globalists for a NWO.

- WHO is working with an analytics company for “social listening”. It will scan people’s social media conversations for what they consider to be Covid-19 misinformation.

- Africa to become the testing ground for the artificial intelligence powered identity authentication company Trust Stamp.  It will be used to keep a record of vaccinations and for payments.

- Trust Stamp is in partnership with the Bill Gates backed GAVI vaccine alliance.

- Forensic pathologist professor Klaus Püschel states that he has not seen a single case of Covid-19 in autopsies that did not include other serious pre-existing illnesses.

- Canadian top pathologist and virology expert Dr. Roger Hodkinson has stated that Covid-19 is a huge hoax, and that the PCR test cannot diagnose infection.

- UK government gives coronavirus vaccine protection from legal action and says masks should be worn for years.

- British Army wages online information war against anti-vaxxers.

- Dr. Dena Grayson says that Covid-19 can cause on top of everything else, erectile dysfunction (?).

- Dr. Igor Shepherd has stated that the Covid-19 vaccine is a bio-weapon.

- Red Cross president Francesco Rocca has stated that the “fake news” about Covid-19 is the second pandemic. 

- David Beasley (Director of the World Food Program) has told the UN that due to Covid-19, 270 million people are on the brink of starvation.

- During this crisis, we are seeing the destruction of small businesses with a wealth transfer of hundreds of billions to big corporations like Amazion, Wallmart, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Nike and Apple.

- Yahoo News has made the outlandish statement that a Federal Law enforcement document reveals white supremacist discussed using Covid-19 as a bioweapon.

- Yahoo News War Zone: Ambulances in New York are now as busy as on 9/11.

- Jeff Bezos and other big corporate executives sold billions of their company's shares shortly before Covid-19 rocked the stock market. 

- Theresa Tam (Canada’s current Chief Public Health Office) stated in a 2010 documentary that she advocates using mandatory “tracking bracelets” for people who refuse to take a vaccine after an outbreak of a virus. She envisioned police checkpoints where everyone leaving the city is required to show proof of vaccination. Those who refuse to do so will be taken away to temporary detention centres.

- Melanie Dawes is the CEO and censor at the London based Office of Communications (OFCOM).

She has threatened UK broadcasters with sanctions if they allow anyone to make a connection between Covid-19 and 5G.

- The great majority (if not all) of the people that have died from Civid-19, were the elderly with compromised immune systems and/or those with other underlying conditions.

- Former GOP Rep. Ron Paul, who is also a doctor,  has asked for Trump to fire top Civid-19 advisor Fauci because he is a fraud and has given misleading information.

He believes Covid-19 a big hoax. Follow Ron Paul on "Ron Paul Liberty Report".

- Huffpost: The white male is the biggest risk in spreading the virus.

- The Guardian: Writer Afua Hirsch has written an article titled “If Corona virus  doesn’t discriminate, how come black people are bearing the brunt? The number of ethnic minority deaths is shocking. The pandemic is exacerbating inequalities.” 

- UK News: NHS hospital beds are four times emptier than usual.

- Google: Google News Initiative (GNI) provides millions to fight the Covid-19 misinformation. This, as per what they deem to be fake news and is contrary to the given narrative.

- Candace Owens has made the correct statement that if you died from heart disease, and were determined to be a asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19 in your post-Mortem, they legally add you to the Coronavirus death toll. They have done so in cases of suicides, murders, accidents as well.

- CBC instructs kids on how to shut down their parents’ “conspiracy theories” in a video.

- Bill Gates states "Mass gathering may not return without global vaccination."

- Bill Gates has admitted that the Covid-19 vaccine will alter your DNA forever.

- Kierran Stevenson is jailed after filming yet another empty “war zone” hospital (Stoke Mandervill Hospital).

- Funeral directors have been caught writing Covid-19 on all death certificates.

- An estimated 80% of all active pharma drug ingredients are manufactured in Chinese and Indian plants. They are rarely inspected by US authorities. There has been several instances where ingredients have been recalled. 

- On October 18, 2019, a  high-level pandemic exercise took place at Event 201. It was hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with The World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

- The Globalist lawyer Alan Dershowitz (acquaintance of Jeffrey Epstein and guest at his infamous island) has made it clear that according to him, we have no right NOT to be vaccinated. 

- German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF bring us the “Corona World” video game. It is an online video game where the player gets to stomp (kill) "Covidiots”. Covidiots are those that oppose lockdowns, social distancing and mask mandates.











- The seasonal flu seems to have gone away and they have stopped tracking it. Scientists are baffled at its disappearance and refuse to acknowledge that those that are getting sick with the flu arebeing diagnosed with Covid-19. 

- An NHS British nurse resigns publicly saying that she can no longer lie about the hospital’s inflated number of Covid-19 patients.

- Dr. Stefano Scoglio concludes after his study that the Covid-19 virus can not been isolated and up to 95% test swabs produce false postives.

- The Covid-19 vaccine will require two shots, taken 60 days apart and for which period, you will be provided with a tracking devise monitoring you.

- The two major causes of death in the world are coronary heart disease and strokes. Both are due to many years consuming unhealthy foods. This tragedy can easily be prevented if only we were better educated and were provided with non-toxic / non GMO foods. Imagine if all the trillions of dollars that were thrown at the Covid-19 virus, would instead have been spent on providing health promoting foods.

But that vision is vehemently opposed by the “powers that be” because there is no money to be made on a healthy and vibrant human being that has no need for vaccines, pharmaceuticals or drastic medical interventions. Healthy people would also live longer and that is not what those with a depopulation agenda have in mind. Ironically, the third leading cause of death in the US is medical error. 

- According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, only 6% of the Covid-19 related deaths, were contributed solely to Covid-19.

- Wikipedia partners with WHO to tackle what they deem is misinformation.

- A sign for what is coming: Ticketmaster says “No vaccine and cleared Digital Health Pass, no entry”.

It has since backpedalled on this statement saying entry requirements are up to the discretion of the event organizer. Qantas Airlines has stated that it will require a Covid Vaccine for International travellers. 

Solution: Do not fly with this airline.

- A high number of people with ordinary flu-like illnesses, pneumonia, and other traditional lung infections are being called “Covid infections”. They have deliberately given Covid illness such as broad range of symptoms and severity that pretty much anything under the sun can be diagnosed as a Covid-19 infection.

Millions of so called cases, had co-morbidities and these were the true causes of illness and death.

- The elderly in nursing homes are dying in droves; not as a consequence of a deadly virus, but because of lack of care due to the system having pulled the plug.

- United Nations has stated that due to Covid-19, the inequality between women and men has risen.

This is yet another Globo-Technocratic statement designed to divide us further.

- Vocal antivaxxer American Dr. James Bradstreet suicided.

- Apple and Google to build a coronavirus contact tracing software right in your phone.

Problem: Surveillance and loss of privacy. Solution: 1. Ditch your iPhone and never buy an Apple product again. 2. Start using an alternative search engine to Google and stop using any of their products.

- Covid-19 pseudo science statements: People continue to be contagious at least 30 days after diagnosis. People with confirmed Covid-19 who don’t show symptoms are just as contagious as those with symptoms. Asymptomatic Covid patients can test postive for the virus for up to 18 days after diagnosis. Coronavirus attacks the brain directly. 

- The government of Australia has given itself the power to remove children from parents to ensure compliance with Covid-19 rules. 

- Australia has imposed social distancing for two years and no overseas travelling until everyone is vaccinated.

- Pope Francis backs universal Covid-19  vaccination. WHO is thrilled. 

- The government of China combines Covid-19 track and trace system with social credit score.

- WHO has confirmed that the latest survival rate of Covid are the same as the seasonal flu:

1. Age 0 - 19: 99.997% 

2. Age 20 - 49: 99.98% 

3. Age 50 - 69: 99.5% 

4. Age 70+: 94.6% 

- In Europe we have seen lockdowns for the local populations but amnesty for illegal immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  

- The Government of some European countries are still letting migrants in while under a lockdown and having closed the borders with their neighbours.

- Klaus Püschel, a renowned forensic doctor from Hamburg, has stated that nobody has died of Covid-19 without previous illnesses.

- Psychologists have stated that those that question the Covid-19 narrative are mentally ill.

- Orders have been given to not resuscitate the elderly in nursing homes.

- The inappropriate use of ventilators in hospitals has increased the casualties of patients that allegedly were infected with Covid-19.

- Laws have been put into place to fight what governments deem to be misinformation. Misinformation is anything that questions the narrative they have given us.

- A bill is being considered requiring re-education for parents who refuse the corona virus vaccine for school-age children.

- Hospitals, morgues, and storage facilities for dead bodies are not filled to capacity with Covid-19 casualties. On the contrary, they are almost empty.

- Governments are recruiting people to snitch on Covid-19 rule breakers. This, the dystopian government Geroge Orwell warned us about.

- Google tries to remove LBRY.

LBRY aims to be an alternative to sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, allowing publishers and their fans to interact directly without the risk of demonization or other meddling.

- Gov. Cuomo has announced that he will work with the the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to reimagine education.

- The fear mongering propaganda propagated by the mainstream media, has made society phobic of all germs and viruses.

Where at one time it was totally fine and no reason for concern to have a slight cough, fever or feeling unwell, it is now grounds for panic and go to the nearest hospital and be tested for Covid-19.

- Google Play has banned BitChute; one of the most popular free speech focused alternatives to YouTube (owned by Google).
- German lawyer Beate Bahner who criticized the lockdown, has been arrested and taken to a psych ward.

- The corrupt mainstream media play on words to support the narrative: “Died of (blank) after testing positive for coronavirus’ and NOT “Died from coronavirus”.

Someone could have died and has, from a car accident but will still be claimed to be a Covid-19 victim after a positive testing. A testing that is extremly inaccurate if capable at all, to determine a Covid-19 infection.

- Us Government and Yale have held trials on how to persuade people to take a Covid-19 vaccine.

- Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are working together on funding research for a Covid-19  treatment.

Elon Musk has also jumped on the wagon. All philanthropists with good intentions or Globo-Technocrats?

- About Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Director General of the World Health Organization).

He is not a doctor but a biologist and former Ethiopian Minister of Health.

He is a member of the leftist Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) political party, which has been listed as a perpetrator in the Global Terrorism Database. Tedros has helped indebt Ethiopia to China and open doors for its influence in Africa.