How is it possible that people all over the world have had to endure so much hardship due to a mild flu-like virus? A virus for which very harsh measures were implemented. 

The only conclusion is that there is something much more sinister at work. There are no coincidences; all is and has always been planned beforehand. This "New Normal” entails a mandatory vaccination, one  that if you don’t comply to, will make your life very difficult, rendering it therefore indirectly forced. 

With non compliance your rights of movements will be greatly diminished, as will be your ability to apply for a job or go to an event. With vaccinations, we will be required to carry an identity card or some kind of digital verification. 

Last time we heard of  “the new normal” was after 9/11, at which point several of our rights were taken away and saw an increase of surveillance and spying on our personal life. Reality is that our freedom is an illusion and so is our belief that we live in a democracy. Truth is we have no rights or choices and what we think and believe is what they want us to think and believe.

As per what the late comedian George Carlin said “No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you’re screwed because it’s all fixed and rigged. There is a club and you ain’t in it”.

You see, we have all been played for our enslavement and the enrichment of those that belong to the "Club". We are also being played against one another because “they” would not be able to control the billions unless we were kept ignorant and divided. 

The Modus Operandi for our submission is to divide us by exploiting our racial, gender, religious and sexual orientation differences, isolate us, dumb us down with toxic foods, encouraging our consumption of alcohol, legalizing recreational drugs, distracting us with senseless and provocative entertainment, brainwash and manipulate us with sophisticated techniques that target our subconscious mind, disinform us while censoring what is truthful, and instil fear because when we are in its clutches, we lose our ability for rational and critical thinking.

There is a Trojan horse in our living room in the shape of a box. It brainwashes us  24/7 and its name is TV. Now it is even “smart” and can spy on us in the privacy of our homes. Get rid of it!


Now is the time to stop living in fear of the many bogeymen they have created that hold us prisoners of our own minds. In the midst of all the uncertainty we are now experiencing, we are being distracted by the “under the radar” aggressive roll out of harmful 5G smart city grids allover major cities in the world.

The Great Reset that was discussed at the World Economic Forum, is now in motion. It will put us under constant surveillance, strip us of our privacy, make us totally controlled, record all we do and usher us in a cashless society. Once digital banking is fully implemented, not only will all our transactions be open for scrutiny; it will also put us at the mercy of the rapacious financial institutions by enabling them to easily seize or freeze our assets, as well as introduce any negative interest rate of their liking.

Furthermore, they are well on the way to introduce a Marxist Chinese-like Social Scoring System where if you don’t do as per what you are told, you can simply be switched off your money or the  financial benefits you depend on for your survival.



Are the totalitarian measures worse than the questionable dangers of this virus? Absolutely; much worse and yet we don’t see an easing off of them but instead, a doubling down by those we placed in positions of power to look after our best interest and safety.

Massive unemployment will soon follow collapsing economies, many small and medium sized businesses have and are being destroyed, many are and will be losing their livelihood and potentially face starvation in the near future. Why let this happen? Because the agenda is to destroy as much of the economy as possible and make life very difficult for us all. Many will be thrown below the poverty line which will lead to desperation, dependency and soften the resistance to a Universal Basic Income (UBI), first with no strings attached, but later with conditions. This scamdemic is about a carefully orchestrated Marxist technocratic takeover where steps have been put into place for your economic dependency on the State and deprivation thereof, if you were to refuse for instance a DNA altering vaccine. 



We are now witnessing the Forth Revolution and it is the AI/Technocratic Revolution which will render us completely enslaved, body, mind and soul with nowhere to hide. We are not aware of it because it is happening very gradually in order not to notice the malignant cancer that is slowly growing inside our collective system.

They own the global mainstream media and as such, have the ability to control what information they want us to hear and believe as factual and truthful. They can censure, ridicule and delete what they don’t want us to hear or label it as "fake news". They own and run the entertainment business where actors and musicians alike, are their fame-seeking minions ordered to carry on their nefarious agenda in molding our thinking and behaviour. They see and hear all, be that through the various social media, you cell phone, your internet surfing and digital shopping, which will soon be fully transparent once a cashless society is in place.

They created the social media not for us to connect with one another, but for them to see and hear who we connect with and what for. Now that we have been made fully dependent on seeking information online, they can easily change that information to one of their liking and delete / ban what they don’t.

It is therefore wise not to throw away books as a source of information, and store what we find online because it may soon disappear or substituted.

They own the pharmaceutical companies, the financial institutions, the corrupt politicians they put in place, the legal system, the medical and food industry, the various world organizations that were created under the guise of world peace, stop hunger and poverty, good health and healthy foods.

Unfortunately they also own the powerful military and enforcement industry and with that, the ability to stop, punish, and make truth tellers disappear.