COVID-19, 20, 21 AND POSSIBLY 22.

Pandemic or scamdemic? Easier to accept the former and put our mind at rest trusting the government, the mainstream-social media and the healthcare - big pharma industry. The implementation of draconian measures are therefore a necessary evil and we will soon enough, be back to the “Old Normal".

The "New Normal" is the phrase we heard last, when 9/11 happened and a time when we lost a lot of our rights. How many more will we lose this time around? So far it doesn’t look like a temporary disruption as we were first given the impression it would be. It seems instead, we are slowly but surely being introduced to a totalitarian way of life.

What if truth is not what we are being told and the lies thereof, part of an agenda long in the making designed to empower and enrich greatly the powerful few.














Fear spreads faster than any virus could have and when we are in its choke-hold, we lose our ability for critical thinking and will instead, readily comply to questionable measures often based on pseudo-science. 


Years prior to the advent of the Covid-19 crisis, we were exposed to several ‘fear mongering” movies. This, in order to ready us on a subconscious level, to a panic response and subsequent compliant mindset.



















The many experts on the mainstream media gave us greatly exaggerated fatality estimations that ranged from 28 to 56 million people worldwide. These numbers never materialized and did not even come close, but the initial emotion of panic did.

To increase this emotional response, many dramatic theories were given by the mainstream media, on the origin of the virus. This was done in order to increase its credibility and seriousness because where there is smoke, there is sure to be fire.

First we were told that it originated naturally from bats in China, then more specifically from wet markets in Wuhan. Later on that is had escaped  from a Chinese lab. Labs were thereafter claimed to have engineered intentionally a “deadly virus” as a bio-weapon by the Chinese government.

Lastly, that it may have been brought into the Wuhan region by 300 US military during the Military World Games. These theories have one specific goal in mind; that of fuelling our vivid imagination with fear.

This process was compounded by seeing on the mainstream media, infected people dead on the streets even though it has now been established, most of those that get infected only experience mild flu-like symptoms. In spite of that, our emotional response is still that of Covid-19 being a deadly virus.






























These lingering emotions of fear are what make us compliant to draconian measures which, in light of new research, should have been lifted a long time ago.

Instead, some governments are considering legislation that will make it an offence, to give information 

that is contrary to the given narrative. Many social media are removing from their platform information that is contrarian.



The mainstream media and local officials have gone to great lengths to differentiate Covid-19 from the flu. Truth is however that the corona virus is not a novel virus. Corona is a family of viruses that was discovered in the 1960s and one of which, Covid-19 belongs.  Corona viruses are a respiratory illness that is one and the same as other flu viruses and carries many, if not all, of the same symptoms.

The symptoms of Covid-19 are mild ones with some infected people, having no symptoms at all.



The mainstream media has been hard at work in likening the current pandemic to the 1918 Spanish flu, which was most likely also a possible hoax of global proportions. There is evidence to substantiate the fact that a very high percentage of the 50 - 100 million casualties, died not from a flu virus but bacterial pneumonia. Incidentally, the first cases can be traced back to Fort Riley, Kansas (US) and not Spain.

The soldiers from Fort Riley, that were later on sent to Europe to fight, had been injected with an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine cultured in horses by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. Could these soldiers have spread a bacterial illness in Europe?