Covid-19 was never the great danger we were told it was in the mainstream media.

It was instead created as the trigger for the introduction of “The Great Reset”. It is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New World Order, the Technocratic System of digital surveillance and "Big Data" collection, that will be merged with Artificial Intelligence and Trans-humanism.

It will link us to an an electronic ID to our bank accounts, health records, and a social credit system. 

Klaus Schwab is persistently praising The Great Reset for the many advantages to humanity, but the advantages are only for the few at the top and at the expense of the many at the bottom.

The billions of connections to the 5G’s IoT, AI, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, quantum computing and so forth, represent our digital enslavement, total surveillance and control with nowhere to hide. All things will be 'Smart' and connected to the internet.

Digital education means that all will be censorable as per what they want us to believe.

This 'Big Data' technologies will be able to intrude even the most private areas of our mind, not only with the ability to read our thoughts but also one to influence our behaviour.

This, through the DNA altering nanotechnology hidden in vaccines which purpose is not that of saving us from an alleged deadly virus, but that of making us connect from the inside to the grid.

This nano-vaccine works by introducing synthetic mRNA into our body’s cells, where it is programmed to tell our DNA to start making antibodies. It will render us genetically modified and at the mercy of whatever else we get programmed for. 

Trans-humanism will put an end to our natural way of living; our God given right.

The injection of such a vaccine will render us half machine and half human; a hybrid they can manipulate

(body and mind) to serve their parasitic existence.

In the NWO we may be required to wear a biometric bracelet or implant, that monitors our bodies. The data therefrom collected, hoarded and analyzed by government algorithms.

These algorithms will disclose all about us and tell even more that what we believe we know about ourselves.

This is a surveillance on a deep emotional level that will be used to manipulate our decision making.

The Great Reset is not a restart  but a shut down. There will be no going back to the “Old Normal” unless we unite and put a stop to it all. 

Wearing a mask and maintain social distancing has nothing to do with protecting us, but all to do with conditioning us to the compliance of a technocratic totalitarian regime.

Mask and social distancing compliance leads to a lockdown compliance and then, to a vaccine compliance and thereafter, any other compliance they may have in store for us. 

Compliance is defeat in advance to which we first put up some resistance but then gradually give in.

Capitalism as we know it, is in the process of being replaced with a Totalitarian Marxist Technocratic Society that will remove our rights of freedom, of privacy and owning anything. 










Every generation or so, the agenda is that of reducing the global population and get rid of the

"useless eaters"; especially the elderly and others deemed to be expendable and superfluous.

They have done so countless of times before by instigating social unrest and global wars, where we end up actualizing their objectives of killing each other. 

Wars are great for our occult masters because they not only greatly reduce population, but also make them a lot of money by providing much needed financial assistance to war torn countries, and in the reconstruction required in the aftermath of much devastation. 

The Billionaire’s Club met secretly in 2009 to discuss how to slow the growth of the world’s population. Some of the people that attended were Bill Gates, David Rockefeller Jr., Warren Buffet, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey. 


There are many tragic consequences not from the virus itself, but from the unconstitutional overreach of governments. They have acted in unison not as elected democracies but as totalitarian regimes.

On top of crippled global economies that have pushed many million of people into extreme poverty and in fear of their livelihoods, the undertaken draconian measures have:

1. Trapped abused women and children with their abusers.

2. Many heart attacks and strokes were not treated, and cancer treatments stopped entirely.

3. Those that required elective surgeries have been put on long waiting lists, sometime indefinitely. They are left in a limbo with their pain and suffering;  many have since died.

4. We have seen a high rise in suicides, alcohol and drug abuse.

5. The neglected elderly in nursing homes are dying in droves, not because of being infected, but because of lack of care due to a system that has pulled the plug. 

The mainstream media remain silent on these topics, but is fervently active in informing us of alarmingly rising rates of infections, and promoting DNA altering vaccines. 



1. Crush global economies, obliterate small business and slow down food production which will lead to mass famines, homelessness and dependence on governments. Only those that are complying and obedient will be granted government benefits (cash, food, medical, shelter, travel and so forth).

You will not be able to function in society unless you go along with their demands. This includes the vaccine mandate which is equivalent to signing your own death certificate. 

2. The roll out of a tyrannical medical police that will have the ability to monitor your body, track your movements and for those that refuse to comply, force them into home arrest, isolation and relocation in internment camps.

3. Make mandatory (indirectly forcing) the injection of vaccines which will achieve the globalists agenda for depopulation through infertility, and accelerated deaths from diseases.