It will use an electronic ID to connect us to our bank accounts, health information, and a social credit system. Klaus Schwab is constantly touting The Great Reset for its numerous humanitarian benefits, but these benefits are only available to a select few at the expense of the many. 

The billions of connections to 5G's IoT, AI, robots, nanotechnology, biotechnology, quantum computing, and other technologies represent our digital servitude, total surveillance and control, and no place to hide. 

Everything will be "smart" and connected to the internet. Big Data technology will be able to infiltrate even the most private parts of our minds, not only reading our thoughts but also influencing our actions. This is accomplished through the use of DNA-altering nanotechnology buried in vaccinations,with the goal of connecting us from the inside to the grid, the Internet of Bodies (IoB). 

This nano-vaccine works by injecting synthetic mRNA into our cells, which is programmed to tell our DNA to start producing antibodies. It is genetically modifying us and leaving us at the mercy of whatever else we are programmed for. Transhumanism will put an end to our natural way of life. These injections transform us into hybrid beings that the ruling class can manipulate both physically and mentally to further their agenda. 

In the NWO, we may be forced to wear a biometric wristband or implant that monitors our bodies. The data collected from these sources will be analyzed by government algorithms. These algorithms will reveal everything about us, much more than we think we know. This is deep emotional surveillance that will be used to influence our decisions. The Great Reset is a complete shutdown, not a restart. Unless we unite and put an end to it all, there will never be a return to the "Old Normal." 

Wearing a mask and maintaining social distance served no purpose other than to prepare us for submission to a technocratic totalitarian system. Our obedience to these measures resulted in lockdown compliance and, more recently, vaccination compliance. What else do they have in store for us? Compliance is defeat in advance, to which we initially object but eventually give in. Capitalism as we know it is in the process of being replaced by a Totalitarian Marxist Technocratic Society that will deprive us of our rights, freedom, privacy, and property ownership.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." 

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

METRO copy.jpg



Every generation or so, the goal is to reduce the global population and eliminate the "useless eaters," particularly the elderly and others deemed expendable, less desirable, and superfluous.

They have done so numerous times in the past by instigating social unrest and global wars, which resulted in our achieving their goal of getting us to kill each other. 

War is great for our ruling class because it not only reduces the population but also provides them with large profits from the financial assistance required for war-torn countries' reconstruction.

The Billionaire's Club secretly met in 2009 to discuss how to slow the world's population growth. Bill Gates, David Rockefeller Jr., Warren Buffet, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey were among those who attended. Human depopulation has been on the agenda since the 1960s.

"Population control should be the primary task of every government," said Dr. Lee DuBridge, President Nixon's science advisor. A sterility drug was added to the food to accomplish this.


The tragic consequences are the result of governments' unconstitutional overreach, not an alleged deadly virus. They have acted as totalitarian regimes, not as democratically elected governments. 

In addition to crippling global economies and driving millions into poverty and fear for their livelihoods, these draconian measures have:

1. Trapped women and children indoors with their abusers during lockdowns. 

2. Prevented treatment for many people suffering from heart attacks and strokes; cancer treatments were discontinued completely. 

3. Placed people in need of elective surgery on lengthy, sometimes indefinite, waiting lists. They are left in limbo, suffering and in pain. Since then, many people have died. 

4. Significantly increased the rates of suicide, alcoholism, and drug abuse. 

5. Thousands of elderly people have died in nursing homes, not as a result of a virus, but as a result of a system that has pulled the plug. 

The mainstream media is largely silent on these issues. Instead, it is heavily involved in spreading fear, informing us about alarming increases in infections, new and even deadlier, more contagious variants, and urge people to take more DNA-altering injections.


The transition from something other than human is referred to as transhumanism. The catch is that this would necessitate mind uploading, which would entail placing the brain in a different type of system. 

With the Covid-19 nano-vaccines, they are currently adding more strands to our DNA, resulting in bio-technology hybrids. We can be hacked for control once our human physical being is combined with technology. 

As living things, we would then be programmable and reproducible. Our DNA can now be coded, replicated, and printed on a 3-D industrial machine, allowing us to be cloned. This will usher in the transhuman digital person, capable of being controlled from within via airwaves. They are after our soul, the spiritual essence that is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Transhumanism is based on the creation of a new race within the human race. 

This "digital biology," which combines the digital and DNA worlds, is rapidly becoming interchangeable in the pursuit of logically reengineering the genome and creating the perfect beast. CRISPR is a genome editing system. It enables scientists to modify an organism's DNA by inserting, removing, or modifying genetic material. 

China is amassing the world's DNA in order to potentially develop bioweapons and build a database to find the perfect match for organ transplants. They achieved this by buying companies with DNA profiles, subsidized DNA analysis for ancestry companies, and hacking. 

Metaverse is marketed as a game, a social world, entertainment, and an educational tool, but it is none of these things. It is, instead, a place where minds will be lost and enslaved. It will infiltrate and dominate our brains in order to provide an endless supply of mental and emotional stimulation for the ultimate disconnect from reality; a reality in which we will "Own Nothing and Be Happy," as Klaus Schwab put it.


We've been told that global warming is happening, owing primarily to greenhouse gases emitted by people who use fossil fuels. That is a blatant lie. Climate change is real, but global warming is a hoax designed to scare us. The model developed in the 1970s to determine global warming is severely flawed, but it is still used today. If we gave it credibility, we'd all be dying of heat and many meters underwater right now. In reality, we are living in an era of unusually stable temperatures; the overall measured temperature shows no clear trend over the last century. This hoax was used to provide justification for the government to dramatically and massively increase regulation over our lives, as well as raise our living costs and taxes. A carbon tax would impose a significant burden on all of us while having no effect on the climate.

There is now a war on carbon, with politicians and their experts failing to understand, or perhaps fully aware of the fact, that all life on Earth is carbon-based. Carbon is required for chlorophyll photosynthesis in plants that we consume for our survival. We've been told that because of pollution to the ozone layer, we should dim the sun. They plan to do so with a toxic stratospheric aerosol injection into the upper atmosphere. Bill Gates is funding this geoengineering experiment known as SCOPEX. These injections contain sulphur dioxide and were previously responsible for acid rain. As a result, the oceans will become acidic. It also contains calcium carbonate, which alters the crop's pH balance and reduces nutrient uptake. Calcium carbonate is contaminated with lead, which will end up in food crops. Lead is a neurotoxin that causes mental retardation and birth defects. Climate scientists are concerned that the spread of this dust in the stratosphere will harm our protective ozone layer from ultraviolet radiation. This radiation has the potential to harm our DNA and cause cancer. The sun's dimming reduces the vital process of photosynthesis of phytoplankton, which is dependent on sunlight. This will devastate the ocean ecosystems and our food supply. 

Our planet's terraforming may be done not to save the planet for us from global warming, but to save the planet from us and for our extinction, perhaps by a non-human entity. 




How far down the rabbit hole of human evil does one go? Pizzagate, The Lolita Express, Hollywood’s dark side, and a number of other events have been quickly swept under the rug by the mainstream media and debunked as conspiracy theories or conspirators by those brave enough to speak up. They all have one thing in common; the involvement of very powerful and influential people and the abuse of children. Is it a conspiracy theory? The fact is that every year, at least 450,000 children go missing in the United States. Globally, the number is estimated to be in the millions. Initially, these crimes involve kidnapping, selling, and trafficking children. Child molestation, child pornography and prostitution, child sacrifice, and trauma-based mind control slavery are the crimes committed after that. There are also crimes involved in the harvesting of organs from children for transplantation and involuntary medical experimentation. These crimes are linked to a Satanic cult and its rituals, which include the sacrifice of babies and children. Some speculate that these rituals include torturing children to death in order to extract adrenochrome from their blood, which the "global elites" then inject in order to get an intense adrenaline rush and the belief that it will keep them young and healthy.

There is also a trauma-based mind control slavery program, usually for children no older than 6 or 7 years of age, in which they are subjected to sophisticated trauma induced techniques designed to break their consciousness and create a permanent replacement for their true self. Once this is done, the victims, known as Monarchs, are transformed into psychopathic slaves who are controlled by their "handlers" for whatever the clandestine satanic cult needs. These illegal human experimentation techniques on children were part of the CIA’s MK-Ultra program that began in the 1950s. Mind-controlled children are used as sex slaves, high-profile entertainers, and world-class athletes. In adulthood, they commonly serve as people in high positions where they control and shape the thinking and behavior of general society, but they can also function as mindless assassins and crazed gunmen. 

Senomyx (acquired by Firmenich) patented several flavor enhancers, one of which is derived from aborted fetuses’ embryonic kidney cells (HEK 293). This flavor enhancer is used by many major food and beverage brands around the world, including PepsiCo, Nestlé, Kraft Foods, Firmenich, and Ajinomoto Group.


...Those who belong to the ruling class are members of an ancient satanic cult and are not at the top of the pyramid; they are merely lackeys and half-breeds of a non-human civilization that is far more advanced than ours. It may appear improbable, but it is not. It is farfetched to believe that we are the only living beings on a planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which contains between 100 and 400 billion stars and at least that many planets in a universe estimated to contain 100 billion to 200 billion galaxies. Earth is prime real estate in the galaxy due to its location and natural resources. We are fortunate to be here, but we must fight for our survival as a species on Earth. What if we are two opposing groups, one human and one non-human? An entity that has been promoting Satanic worship and rituals for thousands of years in order to keep us unaware, ignorant, fearful, and obedient workers.  The depopulation agenda could have been ordered by a more advanced alien race. One who desires the riches of our planet but with fewer of us. Humans who carry out their orders may have been promised wealth and power, as well as a much extended life.

Nefertiti 8.jpg

We alerted the universe by detonating the first atomic bomb on Earth, and many more since. All intelligent beings are very concerned about our tinkering with power that is beyond our ability to use responsibly. Its power is so great that if it were used to obliterate our own planet, it would have far-reaching consequences throughout the universe.

During his 1946 secret expedition to Antarctica, Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. made non-human contact. It was dubbed Operation Highjump. At the time, he was informed that there was widespread concern about the recent extremely reckless and dangerous detonation of nuclear bombs in Japan. If this trend continues, the ramifications will be felt far beyond the Earth's surface.