Vaccines have also been developed for the prevention and containment of seasonal influenza. We eagerly get vaccinated every year in the belief that it will prevent us from catching the flu. However, there are a few points being overlooked that may make you think twice. First, developing a flu shot for a particular season comes down to guessing which strains will be the most prevalent. Second, they contain a long list of elements that can cause serious harm to our health.

Many vaccines contain antibiotic residue and are often contaminated with heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, nickel, and uranium. The question remains whether vaccines, including the one for the flu, actually work. 

Furthermore, statistics show that the excessive vaccination of babies and children is not safe, with a staggering increase in the rates of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Autism, Autoimmune System Disorders (like asthma, food allergies, etc.), Schizophrenia, Bipolar, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), neuro-degenerative diseases and more.

Countries are becoming more and more aware of the serious health complications of infants and children vaccinated, especially prior to the age of two. Japan is one such country. Japan’s infant mortality rate dropped to one of the lowest in the world after raising its minimum vaccination age to 24 months. 

The longer you wait to vaccinate your baby, the better. This is because a child’s immune system needs time to develop and gain the ability to cope with toxicities. From birth to age six, American children receive as many as 36 vaccines. Could this be the reason for America’s high mortality rate for children under the age of five? 

Parents are mistakenly assured not only that vaccines are safe, but also that they can be given all at once. Imagine the effect of this combined toxic load on a small body that has not yet developed an immune system. These serious health consequences are becoming more widely known. 

How safe can vaccines possibly be when it becomes necessary to enact laws that make their manufacturers liable for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or even death?

Regardless, more and more court cases are awarding compensation for the harm they cause.


Bill Gates, co-chairman and co-founder of the Kill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has become one of the world’s most vocal proponents of forcing everyone to vaccinate their children (even though he apparently refused to vaccinate his own) and to prevent the spread of "pandemics". 

He has, however, admitted paradoxically that his vaccines are designed to depopulate the world. 

During the current Covid-19 "pandemic," Bill Gates seeks to "microchip" the world population with a vaccine. This certification digital mark is dubbed ID2020 and the delivery system is done through an enzyme called Luciferase. This device, once injected, can track your location and monitor anything you are doing.

Bill H.R.6666 is now being proposed in the US. If passed, it would provide $100 billion in grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for Covid–19 and related activities such as contact tracking, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes. Apple and Google would partner up for the implementation of contact tracking. 

The Rockefeller Foundation has stated in the past that work should be done to reduce fertility with 

immunological methods, such as vaccines. Can such foundations be trusted with our health?




Children are most susceptible to the toxicities of vaccines—and yet they receive the most. If vaccines are to be given, they should be given after the age of two and one at a time at six-month intervals. Furthermore, they should not contain neurotoxic preservatives or heavy metals. 

Vaccines also seem to damage the baby’s immune system, which leads to a higher predisposition for autoimmune disorders as well as a reduced ability to fight off infections – some of which are the very same infections the vaccines were given for. 

If you are pregnant, it is wise to avoid getting the flu shot. It is not the flu that may cause giving birth to an autistic child, but the vaccine itself. The health dangers from vaccination far exceed the risk of contracting the illnesses we are being vaccinated for. Your body can recover from the flu. It will not, however, recover from neurological diseases and brain damage. 

Unfortunately, governments are pushing more and more for mandatory vaccination, and if you don’t comply, you will be denied access to schools, healthcare, and public transportation. 

When we start getting sick, instead of relying on vaccines, it is best to boost our immune systems to prevent and mitigate the severity and length of an illness. We can do so through several natural remedies and a healthy diet. Furthermore, we should not try to suppress what we experience as the symptoms of an illness. These symptoms are the immune system’s way of fighting off a virus. 

For instance, a fever is created in order to raise the body’s temperature and, in doing so, stop the viral replication and start the healing process.